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Teilnahme an IUFRO Landscape Ecology Conference 2015 in Tartu/Estland


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Title of the talk and abstract:

WebGIS based simulation of land use impacts on hydrological ecosystem services in two coastal study areas of Western Cape (South Africa)

Micha Gebel1/2, Stefan Halbfass1, Hanlie Malherbe2, Carsten Lorz2

1 GALF bR, Dresden, Germany,  2 HSWT University of Applied Sciences, Freising, Germany

A particular objective in the project SPACES-GSI is the assessment of surface water and groundwater vulnerability with respect to land use as well as the implementation of a mesoscale model for simulating runoff, soil loss, and nutrient leaching in two coastal study areas in Western Cape Province. Increased pressure on water resources is caused by ongoing population growth, increasing land use intensity and land cover changes since the political turnaround in 1994. It is a big issue for water resources management to reduce eutrophication and sedimentation, which are especially relevant for the highly protected and vulnerable ecosystems like wetlands and Fynbos areas along the coastline.

The simulated runoff shows a large regional variability, caused by the big differences in the distribution of rainfall. Critical source areas for direct runoff, soil loss, and sediment input are connected closely. Treated waste water, as well as untreated flushings are mainly responsible for the dissolved phosphorus input. Nitrogen comes especially from agriculture.

In the next step impacts of land use change on water resources will be simulated and provided by a Web-based information system to support stakeholders with information for decision making in the field of water resources management.

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